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Buy individual and high quality wheels of fortune at fair prices directly from your wheel of fortune manufactory

Are you looking for a wheel of fortune from the manufacturer with a custom design? Then we can support you in this step. On request, we will design your desired wheel of fortune according to your own specifications and will be happy to incorporate your desired colors, logos, icons, numbers, etc. in consultation.

After the creation of the graphic, you will receive a proof from us for print approval. Without written approval of the proof of the wheel of fortune, we would not start production.

Alternatively, we will email you the appropriate design template and you will create your graphic on your own. After receiving your print data, we will check your data and then make a proof for you to approve the printing. If we find any problems in the process, our service department will point them out to you so that your result will be flawless and promotionally effective.

If you choose one of our standard layouts, you can use it for yourself at no additional cost. There is also a possibility that we insert a logo of your choice into your desired standard layout or change the colors as well.

As a wheel of fortune manufacturer, we offer quality wheels of fortune exactly according to your ideas/specifications.

Here you can see features of our high quality wheels of fortune.

  • Very easy and fast assembly
  • High stability with steel tripod
  • Weather resistant and durable
  • Individual for motive and model

Whatever you decide, we always have the right solution for you. Just get in touch with us. We will be happy to advise you!

Any Questions?

We will gladly advise you in advance for a suitable wheel of fortune

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Wheel of Fortune References

Take a look at our wheel of fortune references. Our wheels of fortune are used in a wide variety of areas for greater advertising success.

Wheel of Fortune Standard Motives

For those who are undecided. We have 68 standard motives on offer. Just choose your suitable wheel of fortune design in the store and we will produce your desired motive.