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Acrylic key safe

Raffle key safe/glass safe for trade shows and events is an exciting change and helps you engage the customer in conversation.

For this trade show safe, any number of keys are provided in a raffle box, but only one key will open the lock.

Once your customer has chosen their key, they try their luck and test whether their key will open the trade show safe.

The trade fair safe could also contain, for example, your offer of the day/your prize. This is how the glass safe gets your promotion talked about and attracts attention.

Price from 849€

Why you should buy a glass safe?

Take the opportunity to design your very own safe, which has a high recognition value and supports a uniform external image of your company!

  • Scope of delivery:

    • Exhibition safe / glass safe
  • Possible special adjustments:

    • Light effects (Spot/LED/…)
    • Base cabinet (with branding on request)
  • Technical data:

    • L/B/H: 45 x 41 x 65 cm
    • Weight: 13 kg