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Creating the Graphic data for the Wheel of Fortune

There are always two design options for the production of your personal wheel of fortune.

  • You design yourself

    You create your print data independently and send us your graphic data by e-mail (up to 10 MB) or WeTransfer. Upon request, we will gladly mail you the appropriate design template.

  • We design for you

    We design your individual wheel of fortune for you.
    After receiving your order, we will contact you and discuss your desired layout.

No matter which variant you choose, you will always receive a wheel of fortune proof for print approval. Only after written approval by e-mail we start with the production of your wheel of fortune.


We will be happy to advise you personally for finding your wheel of fortune and creating graphic data.

Phone: (+49) 0431-386 755 96

Wheel of Fortune Data Check

All supplied data is checked by us before printing. Please note that we only check the data for print production. We do not accept any liability for errors in content (e.g. spelling errors). If we determine that a file is not suitable for printing, we will inform you immediately in order to clarify any further steps with you.

Wheel of Fortune Proof

After your print file has been checked by our graphics department, you will receive a proof for print approval and only when you have approved it by e-mail, then we will produce your wheel of fortune.

Wheel of Fortune Redesign

Our graphics department will create a first draft based on your data and we mail this to you as a proof for print approval. Only when you are 100% satisfied with the layout we start the production. Print approvals must always be made by e-mail. During our layout meeting, it is our goal to design the first draft in such a way that it already corresponds to 90% of your idea. If you would like a second draft, this is only possible for an additional charge.

Wheel of Fortune Data Transfer

You can send us your data by e-mail up to a maximum file size of 10 MB. Larger amounts of data can be sent to us by data carrier such as CD, DVD, USB stick or via the file hosting service WeTransfer.

Media Formats/Page Layout

Always create files in 1:1 scale. If the data deviates from the 1:1 format, please let us know. To achieve optimal print quality, the resolution (for pixel graphics) should be at least 300 dpi.

Text Elements

Always convert text elements to paths or supply the fonts.

Picture Elements

Embed images used in the file or supply them separately.

Color Mode

Set the print color space to CMYK. Full tones such as HKS, Pantone or RAL are converted and therefore not always 100% achieved.


Do not create bleed marks, registration marks or color control strips. Apply 4 mm bleed all around.