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Wheel of Fortune Changeable Motive – from your Wheel of Fortune manufacturer with 10 years experience

In 90 cm incl. 84cm magnetic changeable motive

light, handy, easy to assemble
Indoor and outdoor usable

  • Very high stability with steel tripod coated in black

  • Individual layout possible

  • Very simple and fast assembly

  • Pins made of high quality plastic

  • TSA indoor and outdoor

  • 2 years warranty on flabber and pins

  • Custom-made quality products

Choose a Wheel of Fortune standard motive or we can design the Wheel of Fortune with custom design & logo printing for you.

  • gluecksrad standard motiv 1 rot


  • gluecksrad standard motiv 2 blau


  • gluecksrad standard motiv 3 rot grau


  • gluecksrad standard motiv 4 rot gelb orange


  • gluecksrad standard motiv orange gelb gruen blau


  • gluecksrad standard motiv 6 rot schwarz


  • gluecksrad standard motiv 7 blau


  • gluecksrad standard motiv 8 blau


  • gluecksrad standard motiv 9 rot


  • gluecksrad standard motiv 10 gruen


  • gluecksrad standard motiv 11 gelb gruen


  • gluecksrad standard motiv 12 rot orange gelb


  • gluecksrad standard motiv 13 blau rot gruen gelb


  • gluecksrad standard motiv 14 braun schwarz


  • gluecksrad standard motiv 15 rot


  • gluecksrad standard motiv 16 blau


  • gluecksrad standard motiv 17 gruen


  • gluecksrad standard motiv 18 schwarz


  • gluecksrad standard motiv 19 regenbogen


  • gluecksrad standard motiv 20 weiss lila


  • gluecksrad standard motiv 22 weiss schwarz grau


  • gluecksrad standard motiv 21 casino


  • GS23

  • GS24

  • GS25

  • GS26

  • GS27

  • GS28

  • GS29

  • GS30

  • GS31

  • GS32

  • GS33

  • GS34

  • GS35

  • GS36

  • GS37

  • GS38

  • GS39

  • GS40

  • GS41

  • GS42

  • GS43

  • GS44

  • GS45

    * From offer acceptance you will receive a template for your individual wheel of fortune.

    Flexible Magnetic Wheel of Fortune in 90cm
    Order now from manufacturer

    The wheel of fortune with the magnetic changeable motive is suitable for any event, as it can be customized for any event. The white magnetic main disc has a diameter of 90cm and can be written on with a whiteboard maker. On the wheel of fortune disc, you can easily put a magnetic changeable motive in 84cm inside the wheel of fortune pins. With this wheel of fortune model, you can work with different motives and apply the appropriate changeable motive for each event. It is possible to reorder a new motive for the magnetic wheel of fortune at any time.

    As one of the leading manufacturers of wheels of fortune, we produce individual wheels of fortune made to measure. You will not get mass-produced goods off the shelf from us. As a wheel of fortune manufacturer, we build durable and high-quality wheels of fortune with a very high quality standard.

    Also with this wheel of fortune model, the front panel is 100% usable for your individual layout – completely without disturbing center screw. You can configure the wheel of fortune in 90cm e.g. with 8, 12 or 24 fields in the store. As a wheel of fortune manufacturer we have the possibility to build your personal wheel of fortune exactly with the number of fields you imagine for your wheel of fortune. And with only 9 kg the wheel of fortune is easy to transport with the suitable transport bag for all groups of people.

    Our wheels of fortune consist of only two parts, which ensures a quick assembly. The upper part with the disc must simply be inserted into the supplied tripod and fixed with the clamping screw. Thus, the assembly of our wheels of fortune is very simple, fast and possible without much effort. Our steel tripods additionally guarantee a high stability. But still, the wheel of fortune should not be left unattended. 

    Buy the wheel of fortune changeable motive now and benefit from our low prices. Only with us you will find a very large selection of individual wheels of fortune.

    layout des glückrads


    • 100% customizable or choose one of our standard designs

    • The standard motive is included in the price

    • Individual layout possible for an additional charge

    Scope of delivery & packing size

    • Complete wheel of fortune incl. print and tripod

    • L/B/H:  98 x 18 x 98 cm

    technische daten des glücksrad

    Technical Data

    • Diameter: 90cm

    • Fields: Up to 18 fields inclusive (more for additional charge)

    • Design: Layout free designable

    • Weight: 9 kg

    • Height: 1.70m up to 1.90m (height adjustable)

    • Warranty: 2 years on pins and flabber

    • No disturbing center screw

    • Chamfered edge for the special look

    • Steel tripod provides more stability


    As a manufacturer of wheels of fortune, we naturally also offer you the possibility in our wheel of fortune manufactory to redesign your desired layout for you or to redesign it according to your own ideas. Through our directly connected graphics department, we can implement your idea of a personalized wheel of fortune in a targeted and cost-effective manner. You will always receive a proof from us for print approval before we start production.

    With us, experience meets young and creative minds. We train new graphic designers every 3 years. Design trends are constantly on the move and we go with them.

    Important note about our high quality Wheel of Fortune products

    Our weatherproof and durable quality products, are all custom made according to customer specifications.  Meanwhile, you can find our wheels of fortune at many events and functions throughout Europe. For each of our models we also offer rebrandings. Because wheels of fortune from our production often last longer than most company logos. We not only offer a 2 year warranty on our flabbers and pins. Our wheels of fortune last for decades. As a wheel of fortune manufacturer, we have been producing long-lasting quality custom-made wheels of fortune for over ten years as one of the leading wheel of fortune manufacturers in Germany.

    You can expect from us wheels of fortune with high stability due to the steel stand, which are easy to assemble and weather resistant.

    Wheel of Fortune Accessories | Very often ordered together

    glücksrad transporttasche

    Transport Bag

    Here you will find large and small wheel of fortune transport bags to optimally protect your wheel of fortune during transport.


    Scratch-Resistant Foil

    Protect your layout with an additional foil. This makes the surface very robust and scratch-resistant.


    Our wheels of fortune on request with TSA-Certificate for indoor or outdoor use.