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Prize Wheel for Sale. Customizable

Buy your wheel of fortune today directly from the manufacturer at fair prices.

The advantages of our wheel of fortune manufacture for our customers are that we can produce wheels of fortune with a high quality standard and can easily implement all special customer requests as a manufacturer.

You benefit not only from the fact that you can fall back on a large portfolio with us, but also from the fact that we can offer you light and handy wheels for indoor and outdoor use with a very long durability. All stand wheels of fortune consist of two parts and thus guarantee an easy and quick assembly. Due to our black steel stands our wheels of fortune offer a high stability. You also benefit from our product variety and can purchase cheap wheels of fortune from us as TSA approved models.

Still questions?

We will be happy to advise you personally for finding your wheel of fortune.

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Standard Wheels of Fortune | For trade Fairs and Events

Our standard wheels of fortune offer you optimal advertising success at the trade fair and for customer acquisition. Our wheel of fortune Basic in 80cm forms a safe entry into the world of wheels of fortune here. All our wheels of fortune can be customized with a design. The 90cm wheel of fortune Professional has become the standard over the last years and is also easy to transport with 9kg. We offer the 80cm and 90cm wheels of fortune with TSA-Certificate and it has a very valuable look with its matt pins. Order now one of our standard wheels of fortune and convince yourself of our product quality.

Flexible, magnetic and writable wheels of fortune

Flexible wheels of fortune offer a lot of variety and can be used flexibly depending on the design and model. With these high-quality and affordable wheel of fortune models, you have the option of completely changing entire fields, swapping the entire layout or writing on the wheel of fortune. This multitude of variations gives you the opportunity to create even more incentives for your customers by offering different ways to win. You benefit from the simple flexibility. You can adapt your wheel of fortune to the current situation/event in just a few simple steps.

Double Wheels of Fortune

Double wheels of fortune offer you a 2-fold advantage. The center disc here is ideal for your logo, because the disc is fixed and does not rotate along. Whether a logo with or without advertising message, the fixed front disc has the focus on itself. Our double wheels of fortune are easy to handle and with two parts very quick and easy to assemble.

Buy Table wheels of fortune

Table wheels of fortune for mobile and handy use. The table wheels of fortune can simply be placed on a table or on a counter. The advantage here is obvious. You can buy our table wheels of fortune in different sizes and adapt the wheel of fortune to your space requirements.

Promotional Wheels of Fortune

You want to go mobile, easy and uncomplicated with your wheel of fortune on events or street promotion on customer acquisition? Then you are exactly right with the Glü We offer 3 small and light promotion wheels of fortune for every occasion. Simply hang around your neck, hold in your hand or attach around your forearm. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you on our promotional wheels of fortune.

Ready Design Wheels of Fortune for the undecided

Choose your wheel of fortune with a ready matching design and order it easily in the online store without having to configure it extensively.


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