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Wheel of Fortune accessories for any occasion!

To equip your purchase wheel of fortune still with the suitable wheel of fortune accessories, we offer you a wide portfolio of these accessories with. When buying your wheel of fortune, order the matching wheel of fortune transport bag, a wall mount or a water weight to weigh down the tripod.

If you assemble your wheel of fortune via our configurator, then you should definitely order the scratch-resistant foil at the same time. A subsequent application of the foil on your existing wheel of fortune would not be possible. With this surface protection you protect your layout and make the surface very robust.

For our magnetic wheels, there is also the possibility to subsequently order wheel of fortune magnetic fields or complete magnetic wheel of fortune motifs. 

As a fortune wheel manufacturer, we always develop new models and also combine models for our customers from various parts to make your desired fortune wheels. And we also customize our wheel of fortune accessories to provide you with the widest possible portfolio of suitable accessories for every application.

Please understand that we do not supply spare parts for wheels of fortune that you have had manufactured in another production.

Still questions?

We will be happy to advise you personally for finding your wheel of fortune.

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You need additional buttons for your wheel of fortune. Then simply send us your request.

Double-sided printing

Wheel of Fortune Double Sided Printing


You need additional wheel of fortune pins?

Scratch-resistant foil

Scratch resistant foil for your wheel of fortune.

Transport bag

A wheel of fortune carrying bag for safe transportation.


We offer some of our wheels of fortune with TSA certification.

Wall mounting

Get your wheel of fortune safely on the wall.

Water weight

Water weight for more safety of the wheel of fortune.

Changeable fields

More variety for the wheel of fortune with changeable fields.

Changeable fields Velcro/Magnet

The chance to change the winning fields of the wheel of fortune.

Changeable discs

Give new momentum with an changeable wheel of fortune disc.