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Wheel of Fortune changeable discs

We are also happy to offer you changeable discs for your wheel of fortune, if you want to start with a different motive or a magnetic changeable disc.

Wheel of Fortune Changeable Disc Magnetic

If you have chosen a magnetic wheel of fortune, then you can re-order new changeable discs through us at any time.
When re-ordering, we save your print data and thus have the option to re-order a new layout through us at any time. Or you simply send us your new data and we will create a new layout for you in the shortest possible time.
Thus you remain flexible and do not always have to re-order a new wheel of fortune.
Video Wheel of Fortune Changeable Disc

Simply attach a new changeable disc to the wheel of fortune and the advertising success starts all over again.

Full Wheel of Fortune changeable discs (large)

Changing the entire surface of your wheel of fortune is now very simple. We have developed the full-surface interchangeable discs especially for this purpose.
When you order your new wheel of fortune from us, you now have the unique opportunity to order the matching and full-surface changeable disc at the same time.
During the production of your wheel of fortune, we will also fit an changeable disc, which can be placed in front of the wheel of fortune with an independent layout and a simple handle.

Full Wheel of Fortune changeable discs (small)

Your advantages:

  • Easy to attach
  • Favorable alternative to buying new
  • Always the right statement
  • Full surface in the sizes
  • 50 and 64 cm (other sizes on request)